American Healthcare Havigators, LLC



Patient Arrival, Admission, Stay, Departure, and Follow-up

Upon arrival in the city in which the patient will receive the scheduled services, the patient will be met by a representative of AHN, and ground transportation to the patient’s hotel will be provided. If an interpreter is required, AHN will engage one on the patient’s behalf and have the interpreter available at the airport and any other time that is required.

At the hotel, the patient and the AHN representative will go over the schedule for getting the patient to the clinic or hospital for the initial appointment and any other needs of the patient.

AHN will be available to facilitate whatever logistical services the patient requires. For outpatients, AHN will be able to offer touring, business connections, shopping, entertainment, and dining. For inpatients, AHN will assist in the admissions process.

When the patient is ready to return home, AHN will arrange for transportation to the airport and assist with airport procedures for departure. AHN will coordinate the transfer of the patient’s records to the patient’s home physician, and will make certain that the American attending physician will be available for a period of up to ninety days to work with the patient’s home physician to insure proper case management in the patient’s home country.