American Healthcare Havigators, LLC



Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Program

Once it has been determined that treatment, surgery, or therapy is required, AHN will assist the patient in all aspects of the treatment. As with all matters, planning is critical. AHN will be involved with determining the best doctors, hospitals, and clinics for the patient’s particular needs. AHN will coordinate all arrangements with all of the service providers.

A representative of AHN will meet the patient at the airport in the city in which the treatment is to take place and arrange for transportation to a hotel near the hospital or clinic. Transportation between the hotel and the hospital or clinic will also be arranged. AHN will coordinate the patient’s schedule regarding tests, appointments with doctors, and treatments, whether it is for outpatient treatment or requires an overnight stay at a hospital.

At most of the hospitals utilized by AHN clients, there are special wings for VIPs, where the rooms or suites will accommodate the patient and a family member, and which have a separate kitchen that can cater to the special dietary needs of the patient. Usually, cable or satellite TV, computers, and internet connections are available.