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Successful business owners, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals and leaders of industry and government all face significant lifestyle issues that can take a toll on their health. Whether it is the challenge of meeting tight deadlines, managing a complex project or business, traveling to distant locations, entertaining clients or the myriad of other tasks performed, it is often nearly impossible to meet all of these challenges while also being conscientious about one’s health. We skip meals or eat too often and too much. We smoke or drink alcohol to excess. We work long hours, relentlessly pushing ourselves. And it is not unusual for any successful individual to selflessly think of other priorities and allow his or her health risks to accumulate until a significant medical condition may exist.

For those who may have experienced symptoms that prompted them to seek care, they likely had to see multiple physicians, travel to numerous medical offices and take an extensive amount of time to receive care. Treatment may have become fragmented and costly if there was little coordination across the various medical specialists seen. And similarly, the information and diagnoses they received may have varied from one physician to the next, with conflicting medical treatment options that they had to navigate to hopefully make the right decision for their health care.

At AHN the patient comes first. AHN understands that each patient has a special set of circumstances and every situation is unique. AHN will provide the services that are best suited for the particular patient, by locating the best specialists, clinics, and hospitals that can provide the best healthcare, while emphasizing patient safety and outcomes.