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Mikhail Nudelman

To Mikhail Nudelman, his experience in healthcare is more than a career, it’s a calling. Having spent the last 10 years working with the top healthcare professionals in the United States and Eastern Europe, Mikhail has created a bridge for patients to obtain the best healthcare services in the world.

Mikhail works closely with an established network of Eastern European* healthcare providers to assist their patients in gaining access to the best medical treatment they want and need, which is right here in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

With a well-established process of working through international business issues with a particular focus in the healthcare arena, Mikhail has substantial experience navigating the complex process of translation, travel and visas, and coordination of healthcare providers.

A few recent examples of Mikhail’s successful healthcare projects include:


Assisted friends and business associates from Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia, who were unable to obtain reliable and quality diagnostic, and treatment services in their own countries, in obtaining top quality healthcare diagnostic and treatment services in the U.S.

Together with major U.S. hospitals developed a customized international executive health diagnostic program for Eastern European clients and patients.

Initiated, assisted and consulted with top executives of BlueCross Blue Shield (BCBS), a leading U.S. healthcare insurance company, to explore the opportunity for BCBS to assist the Ukrainian government in reforming and improving it healthcare system.

Assisted and consulted in the creation of a joint venture between Ukrainian and American top healthcare providers in establishing a state-of-the-art diagnostic center in Ukraine.

Actively participated in the development of a joint venture between the government and the medical educational institutions of the U.S. and Ukraine with the aim of modernizing, reforming and improving healthcare education and services of Ukraine.

Initiated, organized and managed a major U.S. healthcare staffing company specializing in the selection, credential evaluation, training and licensing of foreign educated nurses for the employment in the U.S. healthcare system.

In addition to his passion in healthcare, Mikhail runs a successful international business consulting and management company. For complete information about Mikhail’s professional background, experience and services, please visit

Originally from Ukraine, Mikhail is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and English and prides himself on maintaining strong and long-lasting relationships with a vast network of friends, business and professional associates, government and academic leaders, and major healthcare providers both in the U.S. and in Eastern Europe*.

* The United Nations definition of Eastern Europe includes the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Republic of Belarus, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine.