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AHN has established three levels of services which can be adapted to the needs of the particular patient. The Wellness Program is designed to help the patient identify any physical problems...

Our Processes

AHN has established comprehensive procedures that are necessary to pave the way for the patient to take advantage of everything that is available in the American healthcare...


Healthcare is truly a team effort. The focus of the healthcare, by definition, is the patient. In order to provide the necessary healthcare to the patient, AHN has local coordinators in the country of each...


AHN is headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area. Atlanta is a leading center for global health, being the home of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)...

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This web site only provides a general overview of the services to be provided by AHN and the processes involved. Our team is ready, willing, and able to provide more detailed information...

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American healthcare is known to be the best in the world. The most advanced, state-of-the-art, diagnostic and treatment equipment is located in the United States. However, because the American healthcare system consists of numerous providers not under central control, it can also be the most confusing healthcare system in the world.

In order to assist people from outside of the United States to take advantage of the services that are available, American Healthcare Navigators, LLC (“AHN”) has been established. AHN assists its clients in navigating the American healthcare system.

Whether a patient needs a comprehensive program to identify any physical problems of which he or she is unaware, a first or second opinion regarding a known condition, or inpatient or outpatient treatment, AHN is available to guide the patient, arrange for the necessary services from the best provider available for the particular situation and health condition, and coordinate the patient’s visit to the United States.